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Principles of Secure Coding


Course Content

The following areas are covered and represent the key aspects of the NIST and OWASP Secure Coding Standards;

• Application attacks
• Secure Coding in an Agile Environment​
• Input Validation
• Session Segregation
• Authentication & Authorisation  
• Secure Storage
• Encryption & Hashing
• Secure Client Communications
• Error Handling
• Handling Passwords
• File Management and Database security
• General secure coding practices
• Open Source Code Security Review tools
• Secure use of GitHub and key            management
• Security in the CI pipeline



This is a one-day intensive course, with the primary goal of teaching developers, architects and Devops the general principles of secure coding. 


You will need your laptop with a working WiFi connection. A lab is provided in the class. You can bring along your favourite IDE and we recommend you install a web application testing tool - i.e. Burp Suite.


The course will contain practicals as well as a final exam. You will be assessed throughout the course for your ability to cdoe securely

You are required to achieve an overall score of 70% in order to pass the course.

"It taught me to look at code form a whole new  perspective"

Java Developer, Morgan Stanley, London

GCHQ Certified

1 Days

This is a one day fast paced course. 
There are pleany of hands-on practicals, desiged to teach you common technical audting techniques.

Our course is led by a GCHQ certified trainer. 


Course & Exam

Students will be assessed throughout the course via a series of exercises and a final exam. Upon successful completion of the course, including passing the exam, students will be awarded a Cyber Essentials Plus - Secure Coding Certification

Students must achieve an overall score of at least 70% to pass the exam 


Open to all

The course is very accessible and open to security consultants, architects and programmers.



A laptop is required with working WiFi. (Laptops can be provided at an additional cost). Install your favourite IDE as well as OWASP ZAP.


London , July 19 (Sold Out)​ 

London , September 26 (Sold Out)​ 

London , November 14 Nov ​ 

For bookings please contact